That’s Italian Pizza & Pasta – Local Pizzeria Located in Hinesville, Georgia

After our portrait session today Layla and I decided we wanted to get some dinner. We decided to try That’s Italian here in Hinesville.  Located right next to Gate 1 (main gate) of Fort Stewart it’s super convenient to grab some lunch with the family for soldiers who want some authentic Italian Pizza.  As soon as I walked in, I heard Italian music playing and was courteously greeted.  I ordered the Caprese Salad and the Marghertia Pizza.  I really liked the salad, but didn’t realize people order the Caprese Salad for the Mozzarella Cheese and Tomatoes.  I’m more of a piles of salad leaves type of person.  Despite the big balls of cheese and all, the salad was delicious!  It tasted authentic and I really enjoyed eating something different than the same ‘ole salad.  Layla enjoyed it too



Next came the Margherita Pizza! I absolutely loved it.  The crust wasn’t too thin, or too thick.  There was the perfect amount of cheese and sauce.  Plus the cheese tasted refreshingly healthy.  Cheese, healthy? Weird, I know.  I know they use special ingredients that you don’t find on the Pizza Hut or Dominoes’ Pizza’s.  When the girl up front came out to ask how everything had tasted and whether or not I would need a box, I said yes, but probably could have eaten the whole pizza if she didn’t ask!  I hesitantly stopped when their were just 2 slices left knowing I shouldn’t eat the whole thing by myself (with Layla only eating one slice).    I really enjoyed this authentic Italian Pizza and have definitely made the switch from Pizza Hut/Dominoe’s to That’s Italian Pizza & Pasta.


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There’s just one thing I’d do differently next time I come in to order my pizza.  And that’s to leave a tip when I pay for the meal.  I didn’t realize they bring the food out and clean off the tables when you dine in to eat.  I was embarrassed when I realized I didn’t have any cash and my credit card payment had already been finalized.  I will be sure to take care of her next time I go in though.  It was a great experience and would recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys eating authentic Italian food.


You can find them on Facebook by Clicking Here :  That’s Italian Pizza & Pasta

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